[zfs-announce] spl/zfs- released

Ned Bass bass6 at llnl.gov
Fri Jan 8 20:32:47 EST 2016

Version of the zfs-0.6.5-release branch is now available. This
branch receives low-risk changes and important bug fixes made since the
last major release. New packages based on this release should make their
way into downstream package repositories in the near future.

Quite a few patches made it into this release. See below for highlights
or refer to the release page at

* Linux 4.4 compatibility
* Assorted stability fixes
* Better support and stability for NFS-exported snapshots
* Fix kernel warning in unlock_new_inode() and deadlock
* Fix overflow in P2ROUNDUP_TYPED macro
* Fix write performance issue due to bad zfs_dirty_data_max calculation
* Fix builtin kernel builds
* Fix deadlock during direct memory reclaim
* Fix taskq dynamic spawning deadlock
* Build fixes for SPARC


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