[zfs-announce] spl/zfs- released

Ned Bass bass6 at llnl.gov
Wed Mar 23 12:06:38 EDT 2016

Version of the zfs-0.6.5-release branch is now available. This
branch receives low-risk changes and important bug fixes made since the
last major release. New packages based on this release should make their
way into downstream package repositories in the near future.

See below for highlights or refer to the release page at

* Remove artificial architecture restrictions in packaging
* Add support for s390[x] zfsonlinux/zfs#4425
* Handle negative dentries in case insensitive filesystem zfsonlinux/zfs#4243
* Fix casesensitivity=insensitive deadlock zfsonlinux/zfs#4136
* Correctly parse zdb -R flag arguments zfsonlinux/zfs#4304
* Fix lock order inversion with zvol_open() zfsonlinux/zfs#3681
* Add support for asynchronous zvol minor operations zfsonlinux/zfs#2217
* Make zvol minor functionality more robust zfsonlinux/zfs#4344
* Prevent zpool_find_vdev() from truncating vdev path zfsonlinux/zfs#4312
* Add -gLP to zpool subcommands for alt vdev names zfsonlinux/zfs#4341
* Fix zpool list -v output for spares and log devices zfsonlinux/zfs#4313
* Fix ZFS send fails to transmit some holes

Thanks as always to the OpenZFS users and developers for their contributions to
this release.


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