[zfs-announce] spl/zfs- released

Ned Bass bass6 at llnl.gov
Thu May 12 23:17:57 EDT 2016

Version of the zfs-0.6.5-release branch is now available. This
branch receives low-risk changes and important bug fixes made since the
last major release. New packages based on this release should make their
way into downstream package repositories in the near future.

See below for highlights or refer to the release page at

* Fix SPL build failure on PowerPC zfsonlinux/spl#516
* Fix user namespaces uid/gid mapping zfsonlinux/zfs#4177
* Fix ZPL miswrite of default POSIX ACL zfsonlinux/zfs#4520
* Linux 4.5 and 4.6 compatibility zfsonlinux/zfs#4537 zfsonlinux/zfs#4489
* Ensure /dev/disk/by-partlabel gets correctly populated zfsonlinux/zfs#4517
* Utilities now work reliably with newly created partitions zfsonlinux/zfs#3708
* Import now reliably uses device names stored in label zfsonlinux/zfs#3043
* Fix possible deadlock in zfs_secpolicy_write_perms ioctl zfsonlinux/zfs#4554
* Fix inverted logic on none elevator comparison zfsonlinux/zfs#4507
* Add 32 bit FS_IOC32_{GET|SET}FLAGS compat ioctls for PPC zfsonlinux/zfs#4477

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release!


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