[zfs-announce] v0.7.0-rc5 released

Kash Pande kash at tripleback.net
Fri Jul 14 00:55:03 EDT 2017

        Supported Kernels

  * Compatible with 2.6.32 - 4.12 Linux kernels.

        New Features

  * Added |createtxg| and |guid| native pool properties.
  * Added property overriding |-o|-x| to |zfs receive|.
  * Added |zpool offline -f| option to force fault a device.
  * Added |zpool sync| command to force a transaction group sync.
  * Added support to |zpool iostat/status -c| for user provided scripts.
  * Added |zpool scrub -p| to pause/resume an active scrub.
  * Added |volmode| property from FreeBSD to control volume visibility.
  * Added |multihost| pool property which prevents a fail-over configuration
    from importing a shared pool on different hosts at the same time.


  * Skip unnecessary resilver IOs for raidz pools.
  * Faster multi-threaded object allocation.

        Bug Fixes

  * Fixed |zpool scrub| thinking it repaired offline device.
  * Fixed |snapdev| property inheritance behavior.
  * Fixed unneeded writes when bpobj has no entries.
  * Fixed volume deadlock by refining the locking.
  * Fixed hang when using volumes on single core systems.
  * Fixed |zpool import| finding wrong spare/l2cache when path changes.
  * Fixed incorrect warning when raidz and mirror pools do have similar
  * Fixed memory leak in |zpool event| handling.
  * Fixed memory leak in |zvol_set_volsize()|.
  * Fixed ida leak in |zvol_create_minor_impl()|.
  * Fixed file handle leak in |dir_is_empty_readdir()|.
  * Fixed missing |arc_free_cksum()| call in |arc_release()|.
  * Fixed mount error message when using kernels without |nbmand| support.
  * Fixed inaccurate |zfs send| size estimate for some volumes.
  * Fixed L2ARC for devices which don't support 512b access.
  * Fixed L2ARC writing beyond target size.
  * Fixed panic when setting |zfs_vdev_aggregation_limit=16777216|.
  * Fixed panic in bookmark deletion.
  * Fixed panic in |zfs create|.
  * Fixed panic when running |zpool clear| on a readonly pool.
  * Fixed several minor LZ4 issues.
  * Fixed |zinject(8)| to allow a fractional percentage of errors to be
  * Fixed setting |arc_meta_limit| and |arc_dnode_limit| on change.
  * Fixed large dnode send stream flag conflict with upstream.
  * Fixed stack usage in |dsl_dir_tempreserve_impl()|.
  * Fixed gcc 7.1.1 build warnings.
  * Fixed glibc-2.23 compatibility warnings.
  * Fixed Clang build warnings.
  * Fixed Musl libc build warnings.
  * Fixed Linux kernel compatibility issues.
  * Fixed need for |--with-linux-obj| option when specifying
    |--with-linux| to |configure|.
  * Fixed |.deb| dependency warnings.
  * Fixed |test-runner| to return non-zero exit code on failure.
  * Fixed and enabled additional ZFS Test Suite tests.
  * Applied 29 upstream OpenZFS patches.
  * Applied upstream |mdoc(7)| formatting for |zpool(8)| and |zfs(8)|
    man pages.
  * Assorted documentation and man page updates.

/This tag is the final rc prior to the release of 0.7.0./

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