[zfs-devel] github bug maintenance shortcomings

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Sat Jul 18 06:34:16 EDT 2015

Hi and thanks heaps for your zol efforts. Debian's bug tracker allows
anyone to admin a bug, and this generally works out rather well -
distributing changes like bug severity, classification, etc.

github appears to not allow this, so I bring the following example to
zfs-devel in case things are unintentionally slipping through the


As of now, the last two comments on this bug are by myself, attempting
to raise an issue I think is important - that this issue ought be a
bug of some severity, rather than merely a feature request.

I waited a while, then attempted contacting the creater of this bug on
github, and then personally, and have had no response. It's been a
good month now, so perhaps zol's github bug tracker needs a little
more distributed-maintenance somehow?

I hope this is on topic, my apologies if I've posted to the wrong
list. I've subscribed for now, so you don't need to CC me separately.


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