[zfs-devel] Ping: reasoning in module/zfs/zfs_ctldir.c

u-odpp at aetey.se u-odpp at aetey.se
Wed Oct 12 04:35:48 EDT 2016


It looks like this list is abandoned?

Or possibly no developer cares about the 32-linux platform, assuming
that ZFS is "only" interesting for large storage installations where
one of course picks 64-bit servers?

This unfortunately hurts a non-neglectable usage niche, where we handle
moderate amounts of data on 32-bit kernels but still need the robustness
and the administration advantages of zfs.

This may become a reason for switching to a different kernel, but it
would be nice to know whether the linux limitation is there for real.


On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 01:19:03PM +0200, u-odpp--- via zfs-devel wrote:
> Hello,
> Hope somebody would be willing to tell the details of what will break
> on a 32-platform with the .zfs stldir support enabled.
> A brief reading of the code did not reveal anything that apparently would
> become wrong (I can not evaluate whether the interaction with NFS breaks).
> Nor does a 32-bit build with ctldir enabled readily crash or corrupt data.
> Would anybody who is familiar with the underlying structures explain why
> it would be hard (or what is needed) to enable the functionality for a
> 32-bit environment?
> If this is a choice, e.g. between NFS-exports and the presence of .zfs,
> it could be possibly documented as one, namely what is to be sacrificed
> if one wishes the transparent access to the snapshots.
> I would be thankful to get a comment from the developers.
> Regards,
> Rune

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