[zfs-devel] First review for externally compressed data (IPCC)

Hauke Stieler 4stieler at informatik.uni-hamburg.de
Thu Dec 6 18:14:05 EST 2018


the work I'm doing [0] is for my bachelor thesis, which has a deadline
in mid January. Therefore it would be great to get some feedback,
ideally before Christmas.
Our idea is to create another pull request when the code is done
(hopefully in January next year). So, the sooner I get feedback (even if
it's superficial), the sooner I can work on potential bugs or improvements.

As I said, it would be really great to get some Feedback before the end
of the year.

Kind regards,

[0] https://github.com/zfsonlinux/zfs/pull/8143

On 13.11.18 22:06, Hauke Stieler via zfs-devel wrote:
> Hello,
> as you may know from a previous mail, I'm working on the support for
> externally transformed data (happens within the IPCC for Luste project).
> Basically the idea is, that the DMU-layer gets compressed data and saves
> it with all metadata (e.g. lsize and psize) without compressing it
> again. Accordingly, the read doesn't decompress the data.
> The last few weeks I worked on the write path and added a unit-test in
> the ztest suite which works as expected. There are still problems and
> the test sometimes crashes with randomized block sizes, but I think I'm
> on a good way.
> To get some feedback, I'd like to send the current changes to you, so
> that you can do a first review if you have the time. It would be great
> to know if I did something horribly wrong or broke existing code.
> What is the best way to send you the changes? Should I do a pull-request
> on github or is it ok for you, when I send you a patch file?
> Regards,
> Hauke
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