[zfs-devel] zpool import problem

Fco. Javier Martinez Llanes fcojavi0 at mixmail.com
Tue Feb 6 15:09:38 EST 2018


I have a tricky situation and I really would appreciate your expertise and point of view. My platform is CentOS7.4   ZFS 0.75.

1. We had a functional zpool, let's say 4 disks in mirror and strippep (a a', b b'). This pool was full of data and working.
2. By mistake we add a disk to the stripped pool (a a',b b',c)
3. We stopped the pool immediately so disk "c" was not really used/written.

Now zpool import command says data corruption on disk c (we don't know why disk c became corrupted, but this is it), so the pool is not available and cannot be imported because a strip member is corrupted. Regardless has no "real" data, just the metadata that identifies zfs fisk properties.

We know we have all data in the "right disks" with no corruption (a a',b b' are AVAILABLE and ONLINE) but it is impossible to mount.

We have tried all kinds of parameters, read-only mount, exhaustive googling, even praying to any god/power of the universe and whatever, but the zpool (obviously) cannot still be imported.

We are NOT afraid to modify/change/create/adapt any code in zfs in order to bypass data integrity checks in order to access data. But we don't know where should be patched. We will then copy the files into another machine and we will destroy the pool.

*** Can anyone suggest any solution/ideas. Big reward if it works, I am not lying! ***

Thank you!

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