orbit christof.ameye at gmail.com
Sat Oct 23 05:51:37 EDT 2010

Using loopback seemed to risky for the performance and I did not test
it at all.

I was able to reinstall the server with smaller mirrored partitions
and then use the remaining disk space of both disks to create a new
partition that is then used by ZFS in a mirrored configuration.
This seems to work well and with a performance that is ok. I tested
with a dd to a volume that I created on the zpool and it easily
reached 30 MBytes per second (very short test of a few seconds).

On 12 okt, 18:38, Brian Behlendorf <behlendo... at llnl.gov> wrote:
> I've never directly compared the performance of file vs block vdevs but I'm
> certain you will see a performance penalty.  How bad it will be is hard to
> say since it will depend on your particular setup and workload.  I would
> encourage you to try it and see if it performs well enough for your needs.
> --
> Thanks,
> Brian
> > How well does zfsonlinux perform when not using direct block devices,
> > but rather fixed sized files on ext3 filesystem for example ?
> > I'm looking to use zfs on a hosted server, wich already has its whole
> > disk alocated for ext3 which by itself is installed on mirrored disks.
> > Would there be a serious performance penalty or would a lot of ram
> > already improve the sitatuation a lot?
> > The features like dedup and snapshotting are so appealing to use for
> > having for example some virtual machines running on that host.

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