HOWTO install Ubuntu to a Native ZFS Root Filesystem

Uncle Stoat stoatwblr at
Wed Apr 6 19:11:50 EDT 2011

On 06/04/2011 22:53, Darik Horn wrote:
>> It "kind of" works, but I have to put rpool and bootfs arguments into
>> grub startup and the rpool ends up in /root
> This was fixed near commit 2a146a62, which is only available in the
> Natty packages.
> The gotcha is that the Natty build broke yesterday, so you must wait
> until the PPA and/or repository are refreshed tonight or tomorrow.


Mint Julia is Maverick based and as far as I know there's no Natty port 
yet (because Natty is still in beta).
Is there any chance you can backport to Maverick?

>> Also, your version of grub2 has to be explicitly selected, or apt-get
>> will get the Mint version even though it's a lower revision than
>> yours.
> Pin the grub package in the /etc/apt/preferences file.

Will do. The really odd thing is that apt-get grabs your version when 
booting off the LiveCD.

> I will make the zfs-initramfs package depend on the necessary grub
> feature before Natty is released.
> Note that I don't do build testing on Mint.

I know.

My suspicion was that using software raid1 for /boot/grub or the zfs 
mirroring was causing the breakage. As Julia is a variant of Maverick 
the grub stuff was more "interesting" than "show stopper" :)


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