ZFS on Gentoo Linux

Nils Bausch nils.bausch at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 7 17:52:19 EDT 2011


I have had a play with more network file transfer i.e. samba, afp and
scp, and come to the conclusion that dedup seems to the killer.
What did I try to do?
Transfer a 10 GiB file onto a network share located on a zfs
What happend with dedup enabled?
It started smoothly, but then stalled - and continued maybe 30-60
seconds later but with a much lower speed.
Without dedup?
Constant writing, no interruption.

I have a RAID-Z with 4 1.5 TiB drives and 12 GiB of RAM - which should
be more than enough for ZFS. I am not running any disk or memory
intensive tasks apart from Virtual machines. Also my zpool is running
on version 23, which was the latest version of zfs-fuse. Could this
have such an impact on performance? or is there a way to make dedup
work without stalling?


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