[zfs-discuss] vmap allocation failed messages

Selim selimbaygin at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 13:24:29 EDT 2011

Running a 3GB Ubuntu 11.04 32-bit instance with vmalloc=512M in the
kernel options.  However, I see the following messages in the 'dmesg'

vmap allocation for size 4198400 failed: use vmalloc=<size> to
increase size.
vmap allocation for size 2101248 failed: use vmalloc=<size> to
increase size.

I know that ZFS is memory hungry and this could be something to do
with the fact that I am transferring large (e.g., BD .m2ts files about
2GB in size).

1.  Is there a configuration change I can make to prevent these
messages from coming up?
2.  If I set vmalloc=2052M, would that help (seems like it's the value
in the 2nd dmesg line from above, converted to megabytes)?
3.  Would my system choke an die considering that it also has a full
LAMP install + SSHd?
4.  Are these non-fatal warning messages that can safely be ignored,
i.e., it slows down a copy process, but doesn't result in lost data?

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