[zfs-discuss] GlusterFS & ZFS Query

Maurice R Volaski maurice.volaski at einstein.yu.edu
Tue Jul 5 16:37:06 EDT 2011

You can alternatively use Linux iSCSI and drbd to mirror the two sides,
making them primary-primary.

On 7/5/11 4:17 PM, "Tanyrhiew" <m.fellows at stacs.bham.sch.uk> wrote:

>I'm planning to use zfs as the base filesystem to take advantage of
>teh snapshot/deduplication features of ZFS and have GlusterFS sitting
>on top to provide realtime replication for VM storage.
>I understand GlusterFS requires extended file attributes to work
>correctly so will the zfsonlinux zfs implementation work with gluster?

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