[zfs-discuss] a recent update appears to have broken zfs grub.

Darik Horn dajhorn at vanadac.com
Fri Jul 22 22:45:35 EDT 2011

On Fri, 2011-07-22 at 14:56 -0700, Christ Schlacta wrote:

> aarcane at impresario:~$ sudo chimage /mnt

The apt-file utility says that `chimage` is not in the Ubuntu
distribution.  What is it?

Note that GRUB needs all of /dev, /proc, and /sys to be rebound.

> changing root to /mnt.
> root at impresario:/# grub-probe /
> grub-probe: error: unknown filesystem.

Post as attachments or pastebin these files from inside the chroot



  ldd /usr/sbin/grub-probe
  strace -v grub-probe /

> not sure what to try next, if anything.  I can't provision a
> new system, however, my existing systems all continue to work
> without issue.

Please provide more detail on how and why you're provisioning a new
system from an old system.

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