Migration from the KQ Implementation

Gordan Bobic gordan.bobic at gmail.com
Thu May 5 16:24:57 EDT 2011

On 05/05/2011 02:45 PM, Aneurin Price wrote:

[agree with everything you said above, so I won't repeat it :) ]

> FWIW, I think ZFS is a very cool toy, and a usable stopgap until BTRFS
> is complete, but not a sane choice for real use because its designers
> care more about being able to point out that something is wrong than
> they do about pragmatic concerns like actually fixing it - or even
> trying to make the best possible attempt.

I have some bad news for you. From the relatively little time I spent on 
the BTRFS list before I gave up on it, I left with an overwhelming 
impression that it is unlikely to ever rival ZFS in terms of features, 
because the designers there have some interesting views on things like 
deduplication. Have a look at this thread, for example:


Unless something dramatic changes, ZFS will be a better file system in 
every way except for availability of fsck.


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