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To add fuel to the fire.

/usr can be farily sized (mine do 7.6 Go, /bin and /sbin do 22M...).

you can want to have a little "/" partition  for different reason :
- quota things (you doesn't want your / full only because you've
install a soft which copy 5 Go on /usr/share
- you can choose to have your / read only (system maintenance) and
your /usr read write (add/modification of software)
- boot pxe for the system (one nfs share for the core system, and
other for applications which are loaded when the system initialize
- etc...

/bin and /sbin are here for a reason : to provide a lightweigth
environnement who can be used to manage the server, even if other
partitions can't be mounted.
I think It's a best practice to separate things on a server. if
something bad happen, the other things aren't impacted.

the "good way" of doing this sort of choice in an , is to use a PREFIX
variable with configure and let the user change it if they want.
In this way, if the user want to create an user "zfs" which wil manage
all binaries and lib of zfs in it's home: it's easy and possible.

And nobody to say "my way of doing things is better than yours".

I don't even understand why some must justify multiples times
1°) best practice (this is a best practice! Just take any true (plain
old?) linux installer, and you will see a choice like  "server : /,
/usr, /home, /var, /tmp are separated).
2°) they're way of manage their systems.

After all that saying, i'm not a developper and I don't know if it's
difficult to modify autogen (or equivalent) scripts to add the PREFIX


2011/5/11 Gordan Bobic <gordan.bobic at gmail.com>:
> On 10/05/2011 22:51, Marcin Mirosław wrote:
>> W dniu 2011-05-10 23:33, Gordan Bobic pisze:
>>> What possible justification/reason is there nowdays to have /usr on a
>>> non-root partition?
>> I prefer to keep all partition on lvm (except / it have to be placed on
>> md).
>> Regards.
> You still haven't explained what warrants /usr being on a separate
> partition. For what purpose? What does it gain you?
> Gordan

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