zpool create cannot open '/dev/sda': Device or resource busy

dubois dubois.michel at gmail.com
Fri May 20 09:17:53 EDT 2011


First .... Congratulation for porting ZFS on ubuntu and Debian

I think I installed well the module in my kernel but now I can 't
create my zpool.
VirtualBox:~$ sudo zpool create rpool /dev/sda
cannot open '/dev/sda': Device or resource busy

I suppose I've to do it in live CD, but I didn't found any
documentation how to install ubutnu with ZFS as native FS. So, I've
several question :

Do I've to compile my zfs module kernel on live CD before install my
distribution on my hard disk? In this case how can I install my
distribution as the wizard ask me to  format in EXT4 (snake loop)
How could I do for get all my system mount on ZFS on each reboot ?

Thanks for your help ....

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