zpool scrub speed

Steve Costaras stevecs at chaven.com
Fri May 20 10:16:46 EDT 2011

Thanks, basically what I was looking for in zpool history was mainly create; add & destroy histories.

zpool history | egrep "create|add|destroy"

Does that narrow it down enough? 

with zdb -v being as large as you say, that lends further belief (along with what you posted already) that your system is /highly/ fragmented. 

can you post a zpool status -v 

And what type of drives are these (i.e. are they 4KiB sector sized drives internally?)


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I can neither show zpool history nor zdb -v as the both are too large.
The first one is around 13000 lines long and the other one more than a
million lines and rising.
@Uncle Stoatwarbler: thank you for the tip, yet another xtop version I
did not know about and will definitely be put to my tools list.
@Brian Behlendorf: How can I take a look at zfs_scan_idle and how
would I be able to modify it?

Many thanks to all your help and suggestions ;)


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