various questions regarding zfs-on-linux development

Jean-Michel Bruenn jean.bruenn at
Mon May 23 16:03:38 EDT 2011

Hi Brian,

i'm curious whether there are things, people without programming skills
(well, apart from php and bash if you can put em into the list) could
do, to help at ZFS. I'm looking every now and then through the issues
tracker and i also took a look at the todo-list but it seems there are
mainly things, where programming is needed. Maybe you could enhance
that list and split it into "programming" "documentation" "research" or
things like that. I'm sure a lot of people are following the
maillinglist and the status of zfsonlinux and maybe also people without
programming experience could help a lot by doing easier tasks.

I'm also interested in, who the "staff" team is. Are you the only one +
people on the maillinglist? Or is there some team?

Then, how about the webpage, you've got a list with distributions on
which you tested the zfs functionality, couldn't we automate this with
automatic submission to the page? I've got a few ideas how to do that,
and i'd like to implement that. So people who wanna help to see where
zfs is usable could run a bash script which does various tests and
reports distribution, kernel, zfs/spl versions + test results. All you
need to do, would be to verify and accept the incoming results. 


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