ZFS mount at boot

Joel Weinberger joel.weinberger at gmail.com
Tue May 24 02:32:03 EDT 2011

I've been working on getting a new Ubuntu install working, and I've
been having a great experience. I have noticed, however, that ZFS does
not seem to be running "zfs mount -a" early enough in the boot
process. Specifically, the kernel mounts the boot file system very
early, but does not mount the rest of the ZFS file systems until much
later, past the point that the kernel tries to read from /var. Thus,
if you try and place any important parts of the system of a file
system other than the root one (such as tank/root/var), the boot

Is there any way to move the "zfs mount -a" call to earlier in the
boot process (namely, at the same point that the root file system is
mounted)? Both Solaris and FreeBSD do this, which allows you to
separate parts of the core system into different file systems so, for
example, you can add compression to /var/log, but not to /usr/bin.

Thanks again for all the great work.

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