Problems installing ubuntu 11.04 with native ZFS root

mfinifter finifter at
Wed May 25 01:03:40 EDT 2011

On May 24, 4:48 am, Darik Horn <dajh... at> wrote:
> It is unusual for that kind of error message to be transient.  Let me
> know if it happens again.

I don't think I'll run into it again unless I do another fresh
install, since my setup has been working perfectly for a few days now.

> Some of given transcript has different strings than the code, so I'm
> guessing that you typed this in manually from the console.  Feel free to
> send a cellphone photograph of anything that is difficult to copy.

Yeah, I did type it in manually.  I'll do a better job of actually
capturing the output if and when I run into this again :-)

Thanks a bunch for all the hard work.

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