zfs locking up my machine

devsk devsku at gmail.com
Wed May 25 11:59:13 EDT 2011


I am on 0.6.0-rc4 on a system with 12GB RAM and 2GB dedicated to ARC.
There have been 3 occasions in past 1 week period when machine has
locked up doing something with ZFS: on two occasions it was overnight
scrub (on a RAIDZ backup pool with dedup and compression on) and on
one occasion it was while restoring a VM stored on ZFS (RAIDZ2 my data
pool with just compression on).

In all cases its a hard lockup and it leaves no trace in /var/log/
messages. My system has been super stable with uptimes running into
months before I moved to zfs on Linux (I was running zfs-fuse).

We need get the stress test going for ZFS. I think scrub code path is
super unstable, particularly for deduped pools (or may be its just the
duration: the non-dedup pools just finish scrub faster, so never run
into this lockup, which looks like memory related).

PS: another lock up happened while I was typing this message and scrub
was running in the BG. Thanks to firefox session restore, I had my
message text exactly where it locked up.

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