RC5/NFS Support/RC-Tracking PPA?

Christ Schlacta aarcane at aarcane.org
Mon May 30 16:59:45 EDT 2011

I have three questions that go toward a near-future upgrade plan.

1) Is there any estimated timeline for RC5?
2) Is NFS Support implemented yet?  I've seen alot about it on the list, 
but haven't caught any difinitive yes or no
3) the PPA linked from the main page says it tracks GIT releases.  is 
there a PPA or repo that tracks RCs or Stable Releases?

If it makes any difference, I'm planning to upgrade from ubuntu 10.10 to 
ubuntu 11.4 here shortly, and plan to switch from zfs-fuse to zfsonlinux 
as part of that switch, and from 32 bit to 64 bit, so it'll be quite a leap.

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