[zfs-discuss] ZFS Incorrect Size?

Christ Schlacta aarcane at aarcane.org
Mon Oct 31 13:43:40 EDT 2011

it depends on how you examine free space.  zpool list shows total free 
space on the drives in the pool, whereas zfs list shows free space in 
the filesystem.  Check which method you're using to list free space, if 
your results agree with this, you're good, if not, you should post again 
to let us know.

On 10/31/2011 10:17, Clete2 wrote:
> Hello,
> I am a new ZFS Linux user. I have ZFS installed on Gentoo Linux 2.6.39-
> r4 and everything has been excellent for the last few days.
> As of yesterday, I noticed some strange issues. I have a RAID-Z1 setup
> with 3x2TB HDDs, consuming all of each drive. Initially my total size
> had been reporting 3.6TB and so did the free space.
> Now, I am seeing a total free of 4.83TB with 616GB used and a total
> size of 5.44TB.
> Why am I seeing more free space and total size than physically exists
> across 2 drives?

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