[zfs-discuss] What is the current status of native ZFS on Linux?

Chun-Yu Shei cshei at cs.indiana.edu
Fri Apr 27 13:15:31 EDT 2012

On 04/25/2012 08:16 PM, Richard Yao wrote:
> I maintain a set of notes here:
> https://github.com/ryao/zfs-overlay/blob/master/zfs-install
> These will only work for a single disk pool. raidz and/or multiple vdevs
> do not work. A mirrored vdev is untested. I am working on a solution.

Great, thanks!  I was able to switch my laptop to ZFS root last night 
with some help from these notes.  One question, though: are there any 
changes from the main ZoL repository that might cause audio to skip when 
doing heavy I/O?  I already had 2 existing zpools, and used to be able 
to save/restore snapshots in VMWare without any audio skipping, but now 
when I do the same thing on the same (existing) pool, I sometimes get 
quite a bit of skipping if music is playing.

Oh, actually... I just remembered that I've been running Brian's 
experimental vm branch, so that could also explain things...


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