[zfs-discuss] distro upgrade; broken zfs

Daniel Brooks dlb48x at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 17:42:50 EDT 2012

I just had to do an upgrade, and now I regret it.

I've got a small 10TB raidz1 that I've been using with some success for a
while now, but now that I've upgraded I have two problems:

First, zfs never mounts anything at startup. This is a problem, because all
of my home directories are on zfs. My system is now using systemd, but it
seems to be running zfs correctly during the startup process. The logs show
a lot of errors saying that it is trying to open /dev/zfs and getting
permission denied errors. Has anyone seen this before? Could it be a
missing selinux label or something? restorecon doesn't know what label it
should have, so it just leaves it at device_t. Just doing a zfs mount -a
works fine fairly well, although for some reason the failed startup job
leaves a lot of empty directories where it should have been mounting
things, so you have to remove those first.

Second, reads from zfs filesystems just hang forever. The arc is a whopping
24 megabytes and holding. iotop and iostat show no activity on the drives
at all. stracing various processes that are waiting show that they aren't
doing anything, they're just waiting. Any idea what could be going on?

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