[zfs-discuss] Help with estimated memory need

Branden Lundy r1tual1337 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 09:38:15 EDT 2012

If you have access to old systems you can basically guess and check
DIMMs. I used this method to put together an entire computer lab worth
of systems during middle school for my computer / woodshop teacher.
Granted you'll have a loss ratio on parts, but the majority of the
time when people buy new systems they just throw the old ones away.
All of these were donated by companies to the school because they got
a tax write off and were sitting in a storage shed. After testing
through about 50-60 systems I managed to put together components for
about 20 computers. While it takes more time and effort, this does
quite well and can produce fully stable systems if done with attention
to detail. Most times there was merely one broken component in the
entire system. Often times you have to run software on the system in
order to check the RAM for read/write errors, but this is freely
available, you should be able to get an ISO and test RAM this way if
you are salvaging from other systems. Kind regards,

-Branden Lundy

On Mon, Mar 12, 2012 at 5:12 AM, Gregor Kopka <gregor at kopka.net> wrote:
> Swâmi,
> My point was that at the moment 16GB of DDR3 RAM is available here for under
> 100€ (incl. tax, packaging, shipping, and the cost for the phonecall to
> order it).
> This is noting compared to what i have seen: my first PC had 4MB for a
> pricetag which translates to >200€ in todays currency.
> That's why i selected my wording the way i did.
> I didn't mean to insult you, in case i managed to do this: please accept my
> apologies.
> To put it into perspective: At the current prices 32GB is for me the total
> cost of living for a week, YMMV.
> Also i notice systems with DDR2 RAM start to being dumped at the local
> recycling station (since the guys there are somewhat reasonable i could take
> a screwdriver and go dumpster diving for some cost-free DDR2 - which would
> need to be tested thoroughly, though).
> BTW: The prices Chris mentioned are a little on the low side (i'm sure there
> are some zeroes missing).
> Gregor
> Am 11.03.2012 21:53, schrieb Christ Schlacta:
> You can get an atom 1u with esata port et 2GB of ram for about $200, an
> external jbod sata pmp for about $1, and fill it with drives (the most
> expensive part) for about $1-$2 each.  spend about 300 on hardware, and
> 500-1000 on drives, which is artificially inflated due to the flooding in
> taiwan, and be out the door dirt cheap with zfs
> .
> On 3/11/2012 13:17, Swâmi Petaramesh wrote:
> Le 11/03/2012 20:49, Gregor Kopka a écrit :
> RAM is dirty cheap these days
> Looks like we unfortunately may not have the same concept of what you call
> "dirty cheap". Compared to the average income wordlwide, I believe RAM is as
> expensive as gold an diamonds can be...
> So what I'm trying to attain is a workable configuration in a situation
> where I find hard disks, RAMs, motherboards and power supply to be fscking
> hell damn expensive...

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