[zfs-discuss] Failed to build latest Ubuntu ZFS source debs on Debian

erisian jvburnes at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 11:49:27 EDT 2012


I checked out the source debs from the Ubuntu ZFS PPA (0.6.7
apparently).  I ran debuilds on all of them and it worked until I got
to "mountall".  There are references in there to the Plymouth boot
screen manager.   I installed Plymouth and Plymouth-dev on Debian, but
there is a mysterious undefined reference to "boot_client_flush" which
isn't available in Debian Plymouth.  I'm running 0.8.3, which is new
enough to satisfy the dependency (0.8.1 if I remember).   The actual
dependency for 'mountall' is for libplymouth-dev, which may be
different than 'plymouth-dev'.

Does anyone know what's going on there.   I really don't need
graphical boot support, so I'd disable it if I knew how.

For the record, I'm building on a very new kernel 3.3.0 on Debian Sid
(actually aptosid).   x86_64, VMware.



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