[zfs-discuss] Help with ZFS bad kernel Oops

Swâmi Petaramesh swami at petaramesh.org
Sat Mar 24 13:34:34 EDT 2012

Le 24/03/2012 18:21, Darik Horn a écrit :
> First, make a backup of the pool.

I'm afraid I don't have enough disk space elsewhere ; furthermore I 
don't know how I possibly could backup a filesystem that I cannot 
mount... zfs send/receive ? Wouldn't it reproduce the problem ?

> Second, try the Precise kernel.  The Oneiric kernel is still running
> on this computer.
That's on purpose : only my Oneiric installation currently works...

> I am troubleshooting a computer that has a similar problem, but I
> don't have a diagnosis.
> In my case, the system became unstable and pool became unreadable by
> Solaris 11 sometime after I got the first "replay transaction error"
> message from ZoL on the console.

Ahemm "unstable", "unreadable"... I had been told this could never 
happen with ZFS that checksums everything down to every single byte... :-/

That's the very reason why I'm using it...

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