[zfs-discuss] Re: ZFS on cubox ARM

Richard Yao ryao at cs.stonybrook.edu
Tue Mar 27 23:38:45 EDT 2012

On 03/27/12 23:31, lundman at lundman.net wrote:
> 5. Missing division for unsigned 64 / 64, and signed 64 / 64. Not
> entirely sure what the real answer is here. Some hits on google
> suggest "you really want 64 / 32 anyway", but I suspect that ZFS
> really does want 64 / 64.
>     I took Google's _uldivmod.S  (http://codereview.chromium.org/
> 5302007/ ) and simply added _uldivmod.o to the linking line for
> libzfs, spl.ko, zcommon.ko and zfs.ko. The proper answer is most
> likely to rebuild libgcc with it included ?
>     I ignored the "signed 64 / 64" by simply re-using the unsigned
> division. (This would then need a negative test before returning
> result, I guessed that ZFS probably didn't really do negative
> divisions...)
>     I would then assume that this just becomes a pre-requisite.
> So, barely had to touch spl/zfs, just some minor massaging.

The SPL probably should be modified to use a Solaris-specific construct,
but Linux provides /usr/src/linux/lib/div64.c for this.

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