[zfs-discuss] zfs dkms build on proxmox 2.0 fails.

Darik Horn dajhorn at vanadac.com
Sat Mar 31 19:22:38 EDT 2012

On Sat, Mar 31, 2012 at 17:00, rob <rob at fantinibakery.com> wrote:
>  I'd like to get dkms builds to work.   Proxmox runs on Debian Squeeze but
> uses  I think a RHEL based kernel.    The dkms build fails.

The Proxmox kernel is not stock RHEL nor stock Debian.  At least two
patches were added to ZoL for the Proxmox 1.9 kernel:


>  Is there something I can report to the Proxmox devs  - in case they are
> willing to make a change - to get zfs dkms build to work?
>  Or -  I could try to make changes to kernel source files , build the
> kernel  ,  attempt to make a patch , or at least report what changes are
> needed to make the dkms build work.  It has been awhile but I can build a
> kernel..

Try this quickie kludge:

# cd /usr/src/zfs-
# dkms remove -m zfs -v --all
# patch -p0 < /tmp/remove-insert_inode_locked.patch
# dkms add -m zfs -v
# dkms build -m zfs -v
# dkms install -m zfs -v

The patch is attached. It removes the shim function that seems to be
conflicting with the Proxmox 2.0 kernel.

Please open an issue ticket with the result and paste these files:


Darik Horn <dajhorn at vanadac.com>
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