[zfs-discuss] What SATA controller should I buy?

Turbo Fredriksson turbo at bayour.com
Mon Nov 19 04:03:36 EST 2012

2012-11-19 09:51 skrev Pongr√°czI:
> What do you think about this card? For bigger storage, this should be
> a good choice:

Without having a clue what so ever about this card, I have some 

1. It's a HighPoint card - they deal (mostly?) in cheaper, lowend 
2. 32 ports!? On a PCI-e/8x? I'm not sure exactly how much that would 
be per port (in a high load situation, driving all ports simultaneous), 
but I imagine smoke signals is faster! :)
    Basically, it doesn't matter how good the card is, it could be the 
best and fastest card/processor in the world, but the bus won't be able 
to push enough data to it to matter.

I still want one though, just for the sake of it! :)
... but you know as soon as Oracle starts waving its wallet at a 
Company it's time to run - fast.
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