[zfs-discuss] Re: spl/zfs-0.6.0-rc12

UbuntuNewbie chessdoter at googlemail.com
Wed Nov 21 03:34:27 EST 2012

Hello list,

 I remember reading somewhere, the ZoL would support booting off a raidz 
pool. I've accomplished some prep like upgrading to precise, creating a 
secondary boot path (to avoid getting lost in case i fail creating a 
working ROOT dataset), repartitionned and connected an SSD cache to the 
pool and so on. To go root with ZoL would allow for some more restructuring 
and ease up the handling a lot. Also i went through the process in virtual 
world using RLaager's Wiki.

But before jumping on that trail, i would like to understand, if and how 
the grub-support will be maintained in the future as i learned it would 
currently not be published yet. Is that true?

Am Mittwoch, 14. November 2012 22:44:26 UTC+1 schrieb Brian Behlendorf:
> The spl/zfs-0.6.0-rc12 release candidate is available. 

Over the years, more and more data migrated into zfs thanks to the overall 
good experience i am having. And i am impatiently awaiting to get rid of 
the last non-zfs areas too and eventually combine all the pools into one. 
But i dont want to get beyond the point of no return with software that 
will not get development attention.

So what is the status there?
the "so-called" UbuntuNewbie
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