[zfs-discuss] Panic writing to zvol

Dan Swartzendruber dswartz at druber.com
Wed Nov 21 12:56:20 EST 2012

I had a number of VMs (proxmox with ZOL) on a directory (e.g. flat file)
storage and it was working fine for a week or so.  Unfortunately, proxmox
doesn't yet support ZFS so to snapshot VMs (for fast backup), you need the
datastore to be LVM.  As an expedient, I created a zvol and put an LVM on
top of it.  I then started migrating VMs by: backup VM => directory, restore
VM from directory => LVM storage.  The first 3 went fine but they are small.
When I tried with a win7 VM with 80GB storage, it got about 74GB into the
write to the zvol and panicked.  My server has an IPMI/KVM, but I wasn't
able to get any commands to go at the panic screen (maybe I just did
something wrong, dunno...)  I did get a screen capture of the stack trace if
that is helpful?  If so, where do I send it?

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