[zfs-discuss] Boot with/from ZFS

Richard Laager rlaager at wiktel.com
Sat Nov 24 16:16:02 EST 2012

On Sat, 2012-11-24 at 21:46 +0100, Turbo Fredriksson wrote:
> I'm about to convert my SSD installed system to ZFS

> But I created a number of filesystem, not just one (in good UNIX
> fasion):
> My plan is, of course, to change the mountpoints after I'm done with
> copying the current installation to 'share/ROOT/celia' (which will
> be the root FS).

Are you saying you're going to eliminate the multiple datasets? If so, I
don't see the point, except maybe to flatten /usr into /, and the notes

> But is this going to work? Can't ses a reason why not, but you'd never
> know... :)

If you're using Ubuntu, there are a couple of bugs to worry about: don't
use ZFS for /tmp; let mountall mount a tmpfs there instead. (I think
this is a mountall bug, so it may not affect Debian.) And you must have
compression off on /var/cache/apt. (I think this is a ZFS bug.)

Section 4.5 on my HOWTO has an example of using several datasets and
various properties. You might find it useful in some way:

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