[zfs-discuss] Re: dm-crypt and ZFS on Linux

0n0w1c johnleebaxter at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 14:07:30 EST 2012

Our testing continues on Oracle Linux 6.3 (RHEL6.3) and have found a 
behavior that seems "wrong".
When the server boots, zfs is loaded very early according to 
iscsi fires up shortly there after and we have /dev/disk/by-path devices.

Our iscsi devices are SAN volumes with luks/dm-crypt which we use ZFS to 
mirror volumes in two different SANs.
Once booted, we run "zpool status" and the two mirrored devices are listed 

The zpool mirror was created using /dev/disk/by-uuid device names.

After executing cryptsetup luksOpen to gain access to the encrypted data, 
and now have /dev/disk/by-uuid and /dev/mapper devices, the mirrored 
devices now show as "FAULTED".

We then execute "zpool export" followed by "zpool import" and now the 
mirrored devices show as "ONLINE". No errors, no resilvering.

I think in our situation we need to wait to have the zfs module load after 
we execute the cryptsetup luksOpen so our "drives" are available when zfs 
module first tries to access the drives. How do I prevent the zfs module 
from loading at boot and wait for a manual modprobe? Maybe there is 
something we should be doing differently?

Is executing "zpool export" before shutdown and "zpool import" after boot 
"normal" or "proper" given our situation?

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