[zfs-discuss] SAN: same zpool on 2 hosts

Andrew Hamilton ahamilto at tjhsst.edu
Fri Aug 2 08:29:21 EDT 2013

Ulli Are you looking for an automatic disaster recovery or a manual

For the latter, zpool import will not import a zpool that has not been
cleanly exported without adding a -f flag to the import. Instead you
will get a warning that the zpool is already imported on 'otherhostname'.

For the former, case, you would need a cluster resource agent and an
appropriate STONITH system. I have a zpool that I use with pacemaker to
automatically failover between two servers. I can provide more details
on the setup if you are interested.

Andrew Hamilton

On 08/02/13 05:05, Ulli Horlacher wrote:
> I have my zpools on a FC based SAN.
> The logical devices are exported to two hosts.
> One host is in production, the second is in stand-by for desaster recovery.
> How can I prevent a mounting by the second host, while the first still has
> the ZFS mounted?
> For example, ext4 has a MMP flag which prevents a inadvertently mounting
> by a another host.
> I know, ZFS is not a cluster file system, but I just want to prevent a
> second mounting, which will destroy the file system.

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