[zfs-discuss] Unstable ZFS setup on big-ass setup

Sander Klein roedie at roedie.nl
Mon Aug 5 16:11:44 EDT 2013

On 05.08.2013 21:50, Sander Smeenk wrote:
> Quoting Sander Klein (roedie at roedie.nl):
>>>> Oh, and I forgot I never ran more than 8 concurrent rsync's towards
>>>> our system. So I don't know if it breaks if I run 25 or more...
>>> Could you try that for me? :P
>> I run the rsyncd on the ZFS box, are you doing the same? If so I
>> will have a look and see if I can fire up some rsyncs towards the
>> box later this week.
> Hmm. Nope. I keep a steady 'N' rsyncs running with a little Perl
> scripting around it, so I pull the data over ssh from remote hosts.

K, well, I just did 32 concurrent rsync's towards the box. Ran them a 
couple of times, no problem at all....

My stab would be at destroying the arrays on the 2 servers and make 
separate disks or play with zfs_vdev_max_pending like you suggested 
yourself. I'd try the first :-)

>> BTW, Were you at OHM2013 by any chance?
> Yes. It was great. :)

Heh, I thought so... You were so quiet since Wednesday :-) We could 
have talked there.



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