[zfs-discuss] Re: Suggestions for heavy activity build

anthony11 aad at dreamsnake.net
Tue Aug 6 19:09:45 EDT 2013

Over and above a certain point, any level of RAID or equivalent is 
> insufficient. All of my data is nowdays ZFS RAID-ed to the eyeballs, and 
> asynchronously near-real-time mirrored to at least two different places 
> (lsyncd+rsync), of which one is snapshotted daily. At £40/TB it's really 
> not worth skimping on.

 £40/TB plus the requisite HBAs / disk bays - often people don't factor 
that into the decision equation.  I specify CTO 1U servers to get 10 disk 
bays instead of 8 these days, and CTO 2U to get 25 instead of 8 (+8)

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