[zfs-discuss] ZFS NAS build: hardware recommendations.

Allen Chan Allen.Chan at five9.com
Wed Aug 7 19:09:24 EDT 2013


I assume you run the badblocks test before building the zpool?
Why break after first error?

Allen Chan

On 8/5/13 10:33 AM, "Hajo Möller" <dasjoe at gmail.com> wrote:

>On 05.08.2013 18:38, Turbo Fredriksson wrote:
>> I basically just writes zeros from start to finish in a loop a few
>> days.
>Which is more or less what badblocks does, when run as a write test.
>It writes four full passes of 0xaa (10101010), 0x55 (01010101), 0xff
>(11111111) and 0x00 (00000000) to the disk. After each full write it
>reads the whole disk back and tells you about sectors which do not
>contain the pattern it just wrote to the disk.
>I usually run badblocks like this to check a disk for errors:
>badblocks -svwe 1 -b 4096 -c 1024 /dev/sdX
>-s: show progress
>-v: be verbose
>-w: destructive(!) write test
>-e 1: break after first error
>-b 4096: set block size to 4096 bytes
>-c 1024: operate on 1024 blocks at the same time
>>> Memory: Kingston 32GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM ECC Unbuffered DDR3 1333
>> If you're going to use dedup, and can afford more memory (and the
>> MB can take it), go for it. Using dedup, you can never have to much :).
>> More is better...
>I agree, but an E3-1230 v3 doesn't support more than 32 GB:
>Nor does the X10SL7-F:
>I would not run a pool with dedup=on that hardware, and depending on
>required IOPS I'd set up a stripe of 3 mirror-vdevs or a raidz2 over 6
>Make sure to use "-o ashift=12" when creating the vdevs, which forces
>ZFS to use a block size of 4K. The WD20EFRX advertises itself as having
>512 byte sectors, whereas it physically has 4096 byte sectors.
>Hajo Möller


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