[zfs-discuss] Compression test

Sander Klein roedie at roedie.nl
Sun Aug 11 09:01:00 EDT 2013


I did some tests with compression and ZFS to determine which 
compression is good enough for our backup strategy. But, I just share 
them in case anyone is interested. My conclusion was that I will enable 
lz4 compression on our production storage since the overhead is 
negligible and for our backup environment I will use gzip-1. Time and 
compressionratio was important for me.

The file set was 3.6TB in size and contained only images in various 
formats. I had one volume containing the uncompressed data and copied it 
to new volumes with the correct compression enabled.

The data:

No Compress (baseline):

real    144m7.809s
user    0m12.441s
sys     51m39.278s

refcompressratio 1.00x


real    150m57.435s
user    0m13.333s
sys     49m49.923s

refcompressratio 1.29x


real    150m6.551s
user    0m12.197s
sys     50m43.510s

recompressratio 1.35x


real    281m31.343s
user    0m15.313s
sys     64m53.591s

refcompressratio 2.07x


real    724m10.339s
user    1m5.836s
sys     253m56.980s

refcompressratio 2.27x


real    883m8.208s
user    1m11.648s
sys     270m27.310s

refcompressratio 2.27x



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