[zfs-discuss] New drives, anything I need to do first? WD30EFRX

Cold Canuck ColdCanuck at nailedtotheperch.com
Mon Aug 19 19:13:52 EDT 2013

I have used 3 of them (3TB) in a raidz for the last 6 months; zero issues.

Not the fastest drive in my collection, but so far nice and solid.  In fact. as I write this I am i6 hours into a badblock scan of another one which I will use with the previous 3 in a new to me 1 U server. 
(a Dell C1100 off ebay)

They have not thrown any errors, and I have a home-grown daemon which checks the integrity of every file at least weekly. 


On Aug 19,2013, at 19:40 , Schlacta, Christ wrote:

> She's beautiful!!  I haven't owned anything like her since I first got a sextuple of 1TB drives!!  Just had to share.  Sorry for the noise :)  I'm still looking for any other feedback anyone has on these drives now that I own them.  Now that they're online I'm about to run them over with badblocks a time or two for good measure, before I build up a pool

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