[zfs-discuss] four unknown ZFS disks - how do I know to recombine?

Cédric Lemarchand cedric.lemarchand at ixblue.com
Tue May 21 19:55:21 EDT 2013

You can try 'zpool import device', where device is one of your previous 
hdd already used zfs.
Maybe -f will be needed, read man for more infos.

Le 22/05/13 01:51, flyddw at gmail.com a écrit :
> Using Virtual disks in vmware, I made a ZFS pool. I later rebuilt the 
> system, but forgot what kind of pool I created using the disks 
> (mirror, raid, raidz).
> Is it possible for the ZFS commands to look at the disks, and tell me, 
> so I can recreate it?

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