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Brian Menges bmenges at gogrid.com
Thu May 23 12:09:52 EDT 2013

I can second this... even with replacing a processor which Dell states is not compatible (because it is out of series for the generation of motherboard) they worked with me to resolve other non-CPU related problems.

What SSDs did you elect to install?

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I have personally dealt with Dell on the issue of non-certified SSDs in Dell hardware. First, it will not void your warranty. Whoever told you that was misinformed. If you have issues with the box, and they think it is related to the SSDs, then they may ask you to remove them for troubleshooting. That is no different than what any other company would do.
But my experience is that they will make every effort to work with the customer to resolve the issue, non-certified hardware or not.

Disclaimer: I do not work for Dell. I'm just a satisfied customer.

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