[zfs-discuss] patching kubuntu causes boot failure

LosingMy ZFS losingmyzfs at gmail.com
Fri May 24 17:09:29 EDT 2013

On Friday, May 24, 2013 10:48:33 AM UTC-5, Kudinov Andrey wrote:
> You upgraded to unpatched ubuntu version, you should pin grub zfs 
> packages in the future. 
> To recover from your current trouble, try this: 
> insmod zfs 
> linux        /ROOT/ubuntu-1@/boot/vmlinuz-blablabla 
> root=ZFS=root_pool/ROOT/ubuntu-1 boot=zfs ro 
> initrd        /ROOT/ubuntu-1@/boot/initrd.img-blablabla 

I was going to say, I didn't do a dist-upgrade, I just did regular old 
patching!  :)

So what I've done in the meantime is I booted off of my 12.04.2 
live-usb-stick.  I mounted my other zfs pool ("data_pool"), then dd 
if=/dev/sdg of=(path on data_pool)/sdg_file.dd.bin bs=4096 .  Let that 
spool off the entire 64GB from the boot disk verbatim into a file.

Then I mounted root_pool (as /root_pool2), and did a scrub.  No errors 
found.  Since it's mostly empty, took almost a whole two minutes!  :D

Reboot, back to grub.  The scrub didn't magically changed the behavior, so 
I gave your suggestion a try.  Unfortunately, no luck:


Any other ideas?  (And thanks so far!)

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