[zfs-discuss] memory issues

Ryan How ryan at zbit.net.au
Tue May 28 20:52:29 EDT 2013


I have a similar situation, are you by any chance creating and 
destroying snapshots regularly?, for me it happens when I destroy a 
snapshot, memory usage skyrockets, then it starts swapping, then 
eventually the system grinds to a halt.

Thanks, Ryan

On 29/05/2013 8:26 AM, Liam wrote:
> Hello All -
> I'm having a problem with memory usage after a 3 or 4 day uptime.  We 
> have already set the ARC cache in /etc/modprobe/zfs.conf to limit 
> memory to a minimum of 2g and a maximum of 4g.  The servers have 16g 
> of physical memory.  Our memory usage is flat until after 3 or 4 days 
> where the usage start to increase until it starts to swap and then 
> needs a hard reboot.
> Centos 6.4 2.6.32-358.0.1.el6.x86_64
> zfs 0.6.1-1.el6
> We aren't using compression, dedup, raidz or anything like that.  Its 
> a single physical raid6 partition of about 4.5tb.
> When the servers start having memory issues its somewhere in the 
> kernel as none of the user processes are using that much memory. 
>  Where do I start in debugging this issue, how can I view ZFS's memory 
> usage by process?
> zfs.conf options: options zfs zfs_prefetch_disable=1 zfs_txg_timeout=5 
> zfs_nocacheflush=1 zfs_arc_min=2147483648 zfs_arc_max=4294967296
> thanks!
> liam

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