root and boot on ZFS (Was: [zfs-discuss] raid10 vs raid-z2?)

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Wed May 29 14:46:31 EDT 2013

On May 29, 2013, at 8:02 PM, Schlacta, Christ wrote:
> I'd suggest experimenting with putting root on zfs, optionally with boot on ssd. For some people this works great, for some it's terrible.
From my work with 'Debian ZoL' (i.e., getting native ZoL install
support on the debian installer), I found that everything hangs
on grub.

With the latest 'ZoL grub' (possibly with a few of my patches
which is currently waiting for Darik to accept), this works just
fine, even with /boot on ZFS.

I've even managed to get it to install on native encrypted file
systems, with only /boot on extX. That was the next step, add
support to grub to get it to load a key from 'somewhere else'
(can't put it on an encrypted FS, because then we can't access
it since we need the key to unlock the FS :).

With that said, I still can't get ZFS support on my live server
working. I have root and boot on ext4 on a SSD, with ZFS on
everything else, including my 'new' installation which is in
the huge ZFS setup.

This was installed using 'debootstrap', modified with configs
etc from the live FS. For safety, I was planning on having
/boot on a USB stick and boot from that (long term plan was
to encrypt everything using native ZFS encryption with the
key on the USB stick). But no matter what I try, I'm just not
able to boot of the ZFS root...

It's possible I could fix this by booting from my native ZoL
install disk, but I just don't have the time to mess with this
at the moment...
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