[zfs-discuss] ZFS NAS build: hardware recommendations.

Omen Wild omen.wild at gmail.com
Wed May 29 15:05:35 EDT 2013

Quoting Tamas Papp <tompos at martos.bme.hu> on Wed, May 29 20:43:
> >Sadly, since Seagate bought Samsung and WD bouth Hitachi, all bets are off nowdays.
> I don't get the point. Which one is good enough?:)

None, which is why we use ZFS. :) And scrub weekly. And have backups. And
run with redundant disk setups. And purchase individual disks from
different vendors to reduce the risk of a bad batch. And use ECC RAM.

I have had good luck with the WD RED series, though they are in pools
that are lightly used for bulk storage. Western Digital just announced
their "WD Se line intended for high end NAS units":

Looks like ~$300 for the 4TB WD Se drive when the become available.

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