[zfs-discuss] Protecting the boot device: Zpool mirror vs hardware RAID

anthony11 aad at dreamsnake.net
Fri Oct 4 02:51:37 EDT 2013

 there are more problems that with a bios boot. 

That's one reason why I use HBA RAID for the boot volume.  If I lose a 
disk, the system is still bootable without intervention -- no trying to 
enter some impossible Alt-key sequence at the proper split-second during 
POST, dealing with an insane "WebBIOS" option ROM that incredibly requires 
redirecting a video console, or messing with boot device order crap.

>  Most reports say the MD Raid is usually as fast or faster than 
> most current hardware solutions, hardware independent and well supported 
> for troubleshooting.  You don't have to use the boards simple raid 
> capabilities if you don't want.    It has very high performance. 

Wait -- you say that the HBA has very high performance, but also that MD is 
as fast or faster.  Hrm.  Are we only talking about LSI HBA's here?  If so, 
then yeah "simple" would be apt, as LSI refuses to do 3-way mirrors.  HP's 
HBA's however do 3-way mirrors and are way easier to manage from the OS or 
from POST than LSI's.

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