[zfs-discuss] ZOL Caveats in Production

Ryan How ryan at zbit.net.au
Wed Oct 9 08:23:46 EDT 2013

On 9/10/2013 6:13 PM, Micky wrote:
> * Always have extra RAM. Start with the max. How much extra RAM you
> need? A lot. Roughly 1 to 3 GB per TB of data.
I run a system with 4GB quite happily. It even has free RAM!. Only ever 
seen issues when dedup is, or has ever been, enabled on the pool.
> * Snaphots, mirrors and compression are inexpensive. No reason not to
> have them. While deduplication, encryption and RAIDZ are certainly
> NOT.
I don't know of any issues with RAIDZ ? It depends on your type of load.

> * Stay away from needless kernel, drivers and software updates. Don't
> use typical RAID cards, get a real HBA e.g. SAS2004 controller
> chipset.
I use some cheap RAID cards. Work fine. It probably depends on the 
kernel version, drivers and particular card. I run small scale system 
though. If you are going large scale it would make sense to test the 
particular card first anyway... ?

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